Alexander Garvin – What Makes a Great City

Alexander Garvin is an esteemed architect, urban planner, professor and author who has been studying Post Oak Boulevard for years. In his latest book, What Makes a Great City, Garvin features projects at the  forefront of creating public realms for the twenty-first century, including Uptown Houston’s Post Oak Boulevard; Place de la Republique, Paris; Brooklyn Bridge Park; Atlanta’s BeltLine Emerald Necklace; and Waterfront Toronto. 

"I think it's a project that's going to affect the rest of the country. I think it will become the grandest boulevard in the United States."

—Alexander Garvin
Urban Planner and Yale University Adjunct Professor

The Plan

Uptown Houston is rebuilding Post Oak Boulevard into an exquisitely designed grand boulevard while preserving existing automobile access, substantially improving transit service and creating a beautifully landscaped pedestrian environment. The plan will:

  • Preserve all 6 existing traffic lanes and protected left turns.
  • Relocate buses to dedicated express lanes
  • Maintain current traffic signal operations
  • Enhance the pedestrian experience 
  • Add 800 live oak trees, while preserving existing trees