Post Oak Boulevard

Boulevard Icons Remain

Post Oak Boulevard’s beloved flowers and landscaping will be enhanced and the iconic stainless steel rings and arches will be preserved as part of The Boulevard's transformation.

Uptown Live Oak Canopy

When the project is complete, nearly 1,000 live oak trees will line The Boulevard. These trees create a uniform appearance and continuous canopy—adding welcome shade to the thoroughfare. Eight hundred live oak trees—initially cultivated in central Florida—are maturing for three years at a nearby tree farm for their future installation on Post Oak Boulevard.

Uptown Houston partners with local organizations to protect, preserve, and relocate trees throughout the city.

Pedestrian Thoroughfares

The completed Boulevard project encourages walkability in beautiful, welcoming surroundings. The new streetscape widens the sidewalks up to a generous twelve feet, making the experience more like a pedestrian mall. Extensive pedestrian lighting encourages increased foot traffic so more people can enjoy Uptown’s unmatched dining and shopping attractions after sunset. 

Bus Stops

Eight shaded bus stops at convenient locations along Post Oak Boulevard provide safe and easy access to the uniquely designed buses on the transit system.