Post Oak Boulevard: A Texas Legacy

The story, Post Oak Boulevard: A Texas Legacy, covers nearly 200  years, dating from Stephen F. Austin’s “Old 300” in the early 1800s, to the unique present-day blend of high-end residential, commercial,  retail, and Memorial Park, all located within this historic footprint of land, creating one of Houston’s great modern-day  neighborhoods. Post Oak Boulevard: A Texas Legacy was produced by Texas Foundation for the Arts in cooperation with Houston Public Media.

Alexander Garvin – What Makes a Great City

Alexander Garvin is an esteemed architect, urban planner, professor and author who has been studying Post Oak Boulevard for years. In his latest book, What Makes a Great City, Garvin features projects at the  forefront of creating public realms for the twenty-first century, including Uptown Houston’s Post Oak Boulevard; Place de la Republique, Paris; Brooklyn Bridge Park; Atlanta’s BeltLine Emerald Necklace; and Waterfront Toronto. 

Ring Refurbishment

The first iconic ring was removed from the intersection of Post Oak Boulevard and Uptown Park Boulevard for Refurbishment.

Mayor Sylvester Turner - State of Mobility

Sylvester Turner, Mayor of Houston, highlights Bus Rapid Transit and The Boulevard Project during a speech at the State of Mobility Luncheon for the Transportation Advocacy Group. The luncheon was held on June 8, 2017.

Construction Workers Dig 120-foot Tunnel under Post Oak Boulevard by Hand

Four technically-trained specialists worked 22 feet under the intersection of West Alabama and Post Oak to dig a 120-foot tunnel by hand. Tunnelers were brought down to do the work typical construction machines can’t handle, ensuring construction of the new tunnel (which will be used for conduits) caused as little disruption as possible to surrounding residents, office workers, business owners, etc.  This feat was orchestrated as part of The Boulevard Project’s infrastructure improvements.  

The team of 4 began the tunnel mid-July 2017 and dug about 1 foot per hour. The tunnel was completed in 13 days. 

Arches Temporarily Removed for Refurbishment

The iconic arches in front of the Hilton Houston Post Oak were temporarily removed for refurbishment in October 2017.