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October 26, 2018

Post Oak Boulevard – North Segment Construction / 610 to San Felipe

Construction of corner plazas at various intersections continues

Construction of platforms for transit stations to begin at San Felipe

Paving for the median transit lanes to be completed from Uptown Park to 610

Paving for new sidewalks continues on the northbound side, Garrettson to Hollyhurst

Installation of trees continues in the median

Installation of streetlights continues at various locations 

Post Oak Boulevard – Middle Segment Construction / San Felipe to Westheimer

Installation of trees continues on the northbound side, San Felipe to BLVD Place and Westheimer to Locke Lane

Installation of pavers for new sidewalks to begin on the northbound side, San Felipe to Ambassador Way

Paving of the Post Oak Boulevard and BLVD Place intersection to be completed

Paving for median transit lanes continues, Ambassador Way to Guilford Court 

Sidewalk construction continues on the northbound side, Ambassador Way to Guilford Court

Construction of corner plazas at various intersections continues

Installation of signal foundations at Lynn Lane and traffic signals at Guildford Court

Installation of communication duct-bank begins from Guilford Court to Locke Lane

Post Oak Boulevard – South Segment Construction / Westheimer to Richmond

Installation of pavers for new sidewalks continues on the northbound side, West Alabama to Westheimer

Trees continue to be planted on the southbound side, Westheimer to West Alabama

Preparation for back-of-curb work continues on southbound side, Westheimer to West Alabama

Construction of corner plazas continues at Post Oak Boulevard and West Alabama

Installation of sidewalk components continues in various locations

Installation of primary electrical continues in the median, Hidalgo to Westheimer

Centerpoint, AT&T and other contractors continue the adjustment and relocation work in the area.

All work subject to change based on weather conditions and utility conflicts.

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December – Pedestrian environment prototype is completed. Wider sidewalks, pedestrian lights and trees are added to an area on Post Oak Boulevard to aid in planning the construction.


November – Modifications on the arches at Four Oaks Place and Willie G’s began.


August – The first iconic ring was removed from the intersection of Post Oak Boulevard and Uptown Park Boulevard for refurbishment. Watch Video


June – Tree Preservation Plan is implemented. First tree is removed from the median and relocated to a new, permanent location along Post Oak Boulevard.


City Council unanimously approved budget and 5-year CIP

TxDOT approved West Loop Dedicated Bus Lanes

Groundbreaking of The Boulevard


environmental clearance granted by Federal Transit Administration granted


$62M grant approved by Houston-Galveston Area Council

revised Project Plan approved by City Council


Referendum approved transit on Post Oak Boulevard


Project Plan Approved by City Council