Our vision for Uptown Houston is to be one of the world's great urban centers. We will make our unique blend of prestigious business and residential addresses, shopping, dining, hotel and entertainment venues more easily accessible and more pedestrian friendly. Through these improvements, we will refine, enhance and celebrate the District's unparalleled amenities and exceptional beauty as well as the richness and diversity of individual experiences in new and memorable ways. We will be the standard by which all other urban centers are measured.

Post Oak Boulevard: A Texas Legacy

The story, Post Oak Boulevard: A Texas Legacy, covers nearly 200  years, dating from Stephen F. Austin’s “Old 300” in the early 1800s, to the unique present-day blend of high-end residential, commercial,  retail, and Memorial Park, all located within this historic footprint of land, creating one of Houston’s great modern-day  neighborhoods. Post Oak Boulevard: A Texas Legacy was produced by Texas Foundation for the Arts in cooperation with Houston Public Media

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